The Midwestern Diner will be opening 3 hours early especially for Democrats Abroad Denmark for a “morning after” decompression session on November 4th to track and discuss results over a hearty American breakfast.
The diner will be serving a special election morning breakfast, which includes 2 pancakes, 3 eggs (scrambled or fried), 3 slices of bacon, hash browns, and tea or drip coffee with refills for DKK 129.00. There will also be an alternative cold menu for vegans. There’s plenty of outdoor space for congregating and continuing conversation and the diner will open for business as usual with an a la carte menu at 10 am for those wishing to join then. Link to event on facebook.
There will be three one-hour seatings between 7:00 and 10:00. Since the diner’s capacity has been reduced due to Covid-19 restrictions to 22 guests for each hour, you will need to book a table with advance payment in order to participate.
Go to and reserve your seat today! Choose Election Morning breakfast from the dropdown menu next to “type”.